The pushing method does not involve inverting, tilting, or clamping. Instead, the goods are gently pushed from the source to the target pallet. This makes the pushing process particularly gentle and ideally suited for the palletizing of sensitive goods.


Pallet changers using the pushing method are available in two basic versions:
As a free-standing stand-alone element or as part of a material flow system.

Pushing Method Pallet Changer
Freestanding pallet changer using the pushing method
Pushing Method Pallet Changer For Conveyor System
Pallet changer for integration into a conveyor system

Pallet changers using the pushing method offer various options. They can be loaded from the front as well as from the rear. This makes them suitable for hygienic separation in the pharmaceutical or food industry. The pallet changers can easily be integrated into existing material flow systems. In this way, the most powerful exchangers make up to 60 changes per hour

Pushing method used by Pallet changers

Do you have particularly sensitive goods or pallets with incomplete loads? No problem! The Premier pallet changer in the pushing method reliably changes the pallets even with sensitive goods. With this method, the pallet changer does not clamp, turn, or tilt. Instead, the goods are gently pushed from the source to the target pallet.
The sidewalls of the pallet changer cover the goods very carefully in order to prevent them from falling over or falling down. The source palette is slightly higher than the target palette placed in front of it.

Common to all these machines is the method of pallet changing. The source pallet is slightly higher than the target pallet. Secured from 3 sides a frame pushes it onto the empty target pallet. When working with a stand-alone exchanger the repalletized load can now be removed. In a material flow system, however, the pallet is transported onwards by means of a conveyor.

Then the pallet changer carefully pushes the entire stack onto the target pallet. Then it can easily be picked up by a forklift or a pallet truck. The most powerful pallet changer from Premier uses this technology to achieve up to 60 changes per hour. The pallet changer in the pushing method is suitable both as a free-standing stand-alone element and as part of a conveyor system. The devices can be supplied with pallets on one or both sides and are therefore ideal for use in pharmaceuticals, food, and logistics in high-performance logistics systems, hygiene lock areas, or niche locations.

Products Using The Pushing Method

For particularly sensitive or incompletely packed goods, we recommend a pallet changer using the pushing method. Here the palletizer encloses the goods from several sides with gentle pressure from large side walls. The pallet changer then carefully pushes the entire goods onto the slightly lower target pallet.

In this way, you can also reliably palletize cellulose rolls, fruit boxes, or pallets full of different goods. Our most powerful machines in the pushover process can handle up to 60 changes per hour.

Pallet changer PW 1000

PW 1000 Pallet Changer

The PW 1000 pallet changer by Premier ensures a precise and smooth operation where the exchange of pallets for large and robust goods is frequently necessary. Its particular attributes are the Plug & Play construction and the simple operation.

PW 2000 Pallet Changer

PW 2000 Pallet Changer

The PW 2000 pallet changer by Premier encloses the goods very securely – two flexible side walls together with the rear wall secure the goods from three sides. Additional sliding plates ensure a particularly gentle exchange of pallets of highly sensitive goods...

PW 3000 Pallet Changer

PW 3000 Pallet Changer

The PW 3000 pallet changer by Premier offers a clever two-way solution. The pallet changer allows loading and unloading from both the front and rear of the machine and is often used in cleanroom airlocks.

PW 4000 Pallet Changer

PW 4000 Pallet Changer

The PW 4000 pallet changer by Premier is the extended version of the PW 2000 with conveyor technology. Due to the one-sided infeed and discharge of the pallets, the pusher is predestined for a niche location.

PW 5000 Pallet Changer

PW 5000 Pallet Changer

The PW 5000 pallet changer by Premier can be loaded from both ends and be utilized as a fully automated sluice in cleanroom areas requiring hygienic separation. This makes the pallet changer indispensable, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

PW 6000 Pallet Changer

PW 6000 Pallet Changer

The PW 6000 pallet changer by Premier is ideal when large quantities of pallets on which highly sensitive goods are stored have to be exchanged. A one-sided material flow and optimized processes are the basis for the most powerful pallet changer.

Loading from two sides

The Premier pallet changer in the pushing method is available in several versions: It can be easily integrated into existing conveyor systems, but it can also stand alone. Some devices can be loaded from both the front and the back. This means that these re-palletizers can be used as a hygiene lock unit in the pushing process, for example in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

Both the stand-alone elements and the palletizers as part of a material flow system are suitable for very sensitive goods. They are also designed to save space. With our flexible and easy-to-use pallet changers, we can surely fulfill your individual wishes!

Models For Every Application

We have developed the PW 1000 for large and stable units. It convinces with its space-saving plug & play design and simple operation. In the PW 2000, two flexible sidewalls and the rear wall enclose the goods on three sides. Additional sliding plates convey highly sensitive goods to the target pallet with particular care.


The PW 3000 with its clever two-way solution is particularly in demand for cleanroom lock units. It can be loaded and unloaded from both the front and the back. He systematically differentiates between internal and external pallets so that no third-party pallets get into the cleanroom. In this way, the PW 3000 fulfills the highest hygienic requirements when pushing over.

Pallet changers using the pushing method

The models PW 4000 and PW 5000 are the Inline variants of PW 2000 and PW 3000 for automatic conveyor systems. The PW 5000 also serves as a fully automatic lock unit with a clear separation between the cleanroom and the outside.

We have designed the PW 6000 for particularly high quantities, which can push up to 60 changes per hour. Slip sheets protect sensitive goods from rough pallets. These are automatically centered so that the sensitive goods come to be centered on the pallet. So you can trust the quality of the Premier pallet changer even with very sensitive goods and with the most different requirements!


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