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Pallet Dispensers

The Original Pallet Dispenser

PREMIER pallet dispenser stacking machines eliminate the use of manual or lifting pallets by hand. Each industrial machine is meticulously manufactured so you can maintain a safe working environment. Located in Elgin, IL, Premier Handling Solutions, Inc. is recognized as the industry leader for 45+ years. From stand-alone to double deep models to stainless steel and complete inline models available.

Our dispensing systems are an essential component of the material handling industry as they reduce the cost of all crucial aspects of business execution, including production, storage, retrieval, and distribution.

A PREMIER pallet dispenser or pallet stacker can be automated for pallet stacking and pallet destacking at floor level with the push of a button from the touch panel. They can detect pallets via photosensors, after which the pallets are stacked or destacked individually by a pallet jack or a forklift. All pallet handling is carried out at the floor level. When selecting to de-stack, a stack of pallets will be inserted in the dispenser, after which the pallets are automatically de-stacked individually. When selecting the stacking mode, the pallets are inserted one by one, after which the pallets are automatically stacked to no more than 15 or 50 pallets depending on the model used. The entire stack can subsequently be removed.

The entire process can be automated to cut costs and speed up your warehouse, picking operation, or facility processes. Each pallet dispenser will improve the overall pallet movement processes and greatly improve employee safety due to reductions in manual pallet handling.

Retailing in over 35 countries, Premier Handling Solutions offers the highest-quality pallet dispenser machines. Each pallet dispenser is built to last through numerous years of service.

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Premier Single Deep Pallet Dispensers

Our single deep pallet dispensers will greatly improve employee safety due to reductions in manual pallet handling. Premier Single Deep pallet inverters have a capacity of either 15 or 25 pallets allowing you to dispense one at a time.

Premier Inline Pallet Dispensers

Premier inline pallet dispensers offer efficient pallet handling integrated directly into your production line. The Inline Pallet Dispenser is a pallet stacker that is fully automated and easily integrated.

Premier Double Deep Pallet Dispensers

Our Double Deep pallet dispenser models offer twice the capacity of our single deep holding 30 to 50 pallets per machine. A premier Double Deep also improves the overall pallet movement processes by dispensing two pallets at a time.

Pallet Dispenser FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Premier Handling Solutions can offer your company product testing features to be sure you have 100% satisfaction with our Pallet Dispensers. If you ship your products to our facility, we will run a full test on a video platform (Skype, Zoom, video file sent to you, etc.) to make sure our equipment will fulfill the specific needs of your products. Your fulfillment with Premier Handling Solutions is our top priority. 

Yes! With a forklift truck that can handle the capacity, our pallet inverters are fully equipped for easy transfer using the fork pockets that already come with the pallet inverter. Please call (800) 404-2311 with any questions about the relocation of your pallet inverter, and Premier Handling Solutions will be happy to help.

Premier Handling Solutions will provide you a manual with your purchase. This manual will include instructions and descriptive diagrams for manageable maintenance on your equipment for designated times (every week, every 6 weeks, and every 6 months). If you have further questions about the maintenance of your pallet inverter, please call our Service Department at (800) 404-2311.

Safety is a priority at Premier Handling Solutions. Our safety options for the Pallet Dispenser include: 

  1. High Style Guarding and/or Bollards
  2. Light Curtains
  3. Beacon Lights
  4. Remote Control
  5. Safety Switch
  6. Custom Safety Options (Available upon request)
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Exceptional! I heavily leaned on the expertise of the sales staff at Premier. Their keen understanding of their product was tremendous! We purchased the FS 1600 pallet inverter and couldn’t be happier.
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