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Our pallet dispenser stacking machines completely eliminate the use of manually lifting pallets by hand. Our industrial machines are meticulously manufactured so you can maintain a safe working environment. Located in Elgin, IL, Premier Handling Solutions, Inc. is recognized as the industry leader for 45+ years. From stand-alone to double deep models to stainless steel and complete inline models available.


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Single Deep Dispenser

For efficient warehouse management, the Premier Single Clamp Pallet Inverter is an ideal productivity-booster. This powerful and stable model requires only electrical connection for optimal operation – it’s freestanding under its own weight – and has a forklift loading capacity to meet any business needs.

Double Deep Dispenser

30-Stack Double Deep Dispenser

To enhance the efficiency of your warehouse management, consider integrating the Double Deep Pallet Dispenser into your operations. This robust and stable model from Premier Handling Solutions offers numerous benefits and improvements over traditional methods. It optimizes pallet movement processes and drastically enhances employee safety by reducing manual pallet handling.

Inline Pallet Dispenser

Premier Inline Pallet Dispensers

Proudly manufactured in the USA, PHS Autonomous Pallet Systems offer unparalleled load transfer integrity. Wood to hygienic pallets are expertly changed without even a hair of product damage – for superior results every time!

Auto & Semi-Manual Pallet Dispensers

Pallet Dispenser Manufacturer

Our pallet dispenser stacking machines completely eliminate the use of manually lifting pallets by hand. Our industrial machines are meticulously manufactured so you can maintain a safe working environment. Located in Elgin, IL, Premier Handling Solutions, Inc. is recognized as the industry leader for 45+ years. From stand-alone to double deep models to stainless steel and complete inline models available.

A PREMIER pallet dispenser, also functioning as a versatile pallet destacker, is engineered for efficient automation in both pallet stacking and destacking operations at ground level. Easily controlled through a user-friendly touch panel, this innovative system utilizes advanced photosensors to precisely detect and dispense pallets. Whether for stacking or destacking, the pallets are seamlessly handled by the machine, either onto pallet jacks or a forklift, all at the convenient floor level.

When set to destack mode, the pallet destacker can accommodate a stack of up to 15 or 25 pallets. It then methodically destacks each pallet individually, showcasing its capability to efficiently dispense pallets. In stacking mode, the machine receives pallets one by one, automatically stacking them to a maximum of either 15 or 25. Post stacking, the entire pallet stack is ready for removal, demonstrating the machine’s dual function as both a stacker and a destacker, optimizing operational workflows in various industrial environments.

Retailing in over 35 countries, Premier Handling Solutions offers the highest-quality pallet dispenser machines. Each pallet dispenser is built to last through numerous years of service, making them vastly cost-effective.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you streamline your pallet dispensing process.

Primary industries we work with are agriculture, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, automotive, retail, logistics, chemical, distribution, meat, poultry & seafood, cold storage, cheese & dairy, nutraceutical & cosmetics, bakery, building materials, and more.

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Pallet Dispenser Benefits

A pallet dispenser is a vital piece of material handling equipment that offers numerous benefits to the supply chain industry. The equipment is engineered to automatically dispense pallets to forklift loading stations, ensuring a seamless flow of goods throughout the warehouse.

One of the primary benefits of a pallet dispenser is enhanced efficiency. With the ability to dispense pallets automatically, the equipment eliminates the need for manual loading and unloading of pallets, thus reducing labour costs and time wastage. This increase in productivity allows for faster processing times, which ultimately translates to faster shipment and delivery of goods to customers.

Businesses that are looking to streamline their operational processes and improve overall efficiency consider investing in pallet dispensers. With our long history of expertise and a reputation for superior quality and service, Premier has become a top choice for businesses across industries.

Companies From All Around The World trust in Premier Handling Solutions

Premier Handling Solutions stands out as a trusted leader in the material handling industry, with a commitment to excellence that has earned us the loyalty of thousands of clients worldwide.

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Fully Electric

Premier pallet dispensers are the cutting-edge solution for all your material handling and pallet dispensing needs. These state-of-the-art dispensers are fully electric, making them more efficient and reliable than traditional hydraulic systems. Our pallet dispensers are stand alone, making them perfect for a wide range of industries, from warehouses and distribution centers to retail and manufacturing facilities. The fully electric design of these dispensers minimizes the risks of mechanical failure, ensuring that your operations remain running smoothly at all times. This technology ensures a higher degree of safety and reliability, making Premier pallet dispensers the unparalleled choice for businesses of all sizes.


When it comes to optimizing your production line, every second counts. That's why it's essential to have highly efficient pallet handling systems in place. And if you already have an automation system in your workspace, integrating an inline pallet dispenser from Premier can take your efficiency to the next level. Premier's inline pallet dispensers are designed for easy implementation into existing conveyor system cells. This means that you don't have to make major changes to your set up to accommodate the new pallet handling system. Instead, our inline pallet dispensers can be seamlessly integrated into your existing automation system.

Pallet Types

Our highly innovative and reliable pallet dispensers have been specially designed to dispense any type of pallet, from stringer to block, rackable, and nestable pallets. Our pallet dispensers are the ideal solution to handle any type of pallet with ease and efficiency. Its adaptability, reliability, and ease of use make it the perfect tool for any warehouse that handles multiple pallet types. With Premier pallet dispensers, businesses can take their pallet dispensing to new heights, streamlining their operations and keeping their warehouse running smoothly.

Need Assistance?

At Premier, client satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our team of professionals are passionate about using their technical prowess and deep understanding of our pallet dispensers to help you overcome any supply chain roadblocks that may come your way! No matter the challenge or if you’re new here at Premier – we won’t rest until each customer gets the quality experience they deserve. So call us today to start experiencing success with a trusted partner!

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When you need an experienced team, we have you covered.

As the supply chain industry continues to evolve, finding efficient and safe ways to move and store inventory has become increasingly critical. It’s no surprise that many companies have turned to pallet inverters as essential warehouse equipment. Premier pallet inverters, in particular, have become increasingly popular due to their durability and the variety of pallets they can handle.

However, with any equipment that is an investment in your business, it’s essential to understand how it works and if it’s suitable for your organization. Here are four frequently asked questions about Premier pallet inverters to help inform your decision.

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What are pallet dispensers?

Pallet dispensers are machines designed to automatically dispense pallets to users, eliminating the need for manual handling. These innovative products are ideal for large operations or facilities where pallet usage is high, and can help increase workflow efficiency tremendously

What types of pallet dispensers are available?

There are several types of pallet dispensers available, including gravity-fed dispensers, robotic dispensers, and motorized dispensers. Gravity-fed dispensers rely on manual input to load and dispense pallets, whereas robotic dispensers use robotic arms to handle and dispense pallets. Motorized dispensers feature automated loading and unloading of pallets, making them ideal for larger facilities with high volume pallet usage.

What are the benefits of using pallet dispensers?

Using pallet dispensers offers many benefits, including increased efficiency and productivity, improved worker safety, and reduced product damage. Automated dispensers can also help reduce labor costs and downtime associated with manual pallet handling, making them essential for competitive operations.

What factors should be considered when choosing the right pallet dispenser?

When selecting a pallet dispenser, factors such as pallet type and size, facility layout, throughput and productivity requirements, and overall maintenance and operating costs should be taken into consideration. Automated pallet dispensers can also be customized to fit a range of specific needs and applications.

How reliable are pallet dispensers?

Pallet dispensers are designed to be highly reliable and robust, ideal for industrial environments where uptime is critical. However, regular maintenance and operator training are essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the equipment.

What safety options are available for pallet dispensers?

At Premier Handling Solutions, safety is a core tenet that permeates all aspects of the product and service design. We offer safeguards such as High Style Guarding for additional protection or Bollards to create individual zones; Light Curtains serve both aesthetic appeal and practical utility; Beacon Lights feature convenience with visibility in even low-light areas; Remote Control allows operators remote access when needed alongside Safety Switch capabilities – plus Custom Safety Options are available upon request so you can choose solutions tailored to your operation’s needs.

Once installed, can I move a pallet dispenser at a later time?

Yes! With a forklift truck that can handle the capacity, our pallet inverters are fully equipped for easy transfer using the fork pockets that already come with the pallet inverter. Please call (800) 404-2311 with any questions about the relocation of your pallet inverter, and Premier Handling Solutions will be happy to help.

Premier Handling Solutions will provide you a manual with your purchase. This manual will include instructions and descriptive diagrams for manageable maintenance on your equipment for designated times (every week, every 6 weeks, and every 6 months). If you have further questions about the maintenance of your pallet inverter, please call our Service Department at (800) 404-2311.

Premier pallet dispensing machines help by reducing manual labor and minimizing the risk of warehouse injuries. There are many different types of pallet dispensers available, and our team of experts can help you find the right one for your needs. Some benefits of using a pallet dispenser include:

  • Reduced manual labor
  • Minimized risk of warehouse injuries
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased safety

Using a pallet dispenser can help improve the safety and efficiency of your warehouse operations. Our team of experts knows the industry inside and out and can help you the right dispenser for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

  • Time savings: Automatic pallet dispensers can help save time by quickly and efficiently dispatching pallets as needed.
  • Cost savings: By reducing the need for manual labor to load and unload pallets, pallet dispensers can help lower overall operating costs.
  • Improved safety: Automated pallet dispensers can help reduce the risk of injuries associated with manual pallet handling.

Pallet magazine dispensers are a key component in facilitating an efficient and cost-effective supply chain. By allowing warehouses and distribution centers to quickly and easily dispense pallets, they can greatly improve their overall efficiency and bottom line. If you are looking for a way to improve your own operations, consider investing in a pallet dispenser.

Premier manufactures single deep pallet dispensers to double deep models to stainless steel and complete inline dispenser systems. Premier offers the industry's most extensive line of pallet stacking machines.

Every Premier machine is backed by an in-house engineering department that will work hand-in-hand with your engineers to build a machine that best fits your needs. We will provide you with layout drawings, and CAD renderings, and build a complete specification sheet for your convenience.

In today's world, every minute counts. The flexibility of a Premier pallet dispenser is one reason some of the largest brands around the world choose our pallet dispense

Automation is the key to creating a more efficient and safer work environment. Pallet dispensers are an important part of warehouse storage, so it's important that they are handled with care. After all, just one machine can be used for multiple purposes - from stacking pallets to managing inventory storage. The best part about these machines is that they're easy to use! Maintenance specialists will love how user-friendly these machines are too because they're designed to eliminate the need for maintenance entirely by self-diagnosing any issues before alerting the technician on duty.

A PREMIER pallet dispenser or pallet stacker can be automated for pallet stacking and pallet destacking at floor level with the push of a button from the touch panel. They can detect pallets via photosensors, after which the pallets are stacked or destacked individually by a pallet jack or a forklift. All pallet handling is carried out at the floor level. When selecting to de-stack, a stack of pallets will be inserted in the dispenser, after which the pallets are automatically de-stacked individually. When selecting the stacking mode, the pallets are inserted one by one, after which the pallets are automatically stacked to no more than 15 or 50 pallets depending on the model used. The entire stack can subsequently be removed.

The entire process can be automated to cut costs and speed up your warehouse, picking operation, or facility processes. Each pallet dispenser will improve the overall pallet movement processes and greatly improve employee safety due to reductions in manual pallet handling.

Retailing in over 35 countries, Premier Handling Solutions offers the highest-quality pallet dispenser machines. Each pallet dispenser is built to last through numerous years of service. Located in Elgin, IL, Premier Handling Solutions, Inc. is recognized as the industry leader for 45+ years.

Trusted by 10,000+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes.

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