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Pallet Washer


This Industrial Pallet Washer is made up from solid plates and profiles of stainless steel, with adjustable feet. Stainless steel guide bars guide the pallets in the correct position during cleaning. With removable hatches, you are able to access the main wash tunnel.

Pallets are cleaned in the main wash zone by nozzles and a powerful and efficient pump, spraying water in a pattern to achieve maximum cleaning results. After going through the main wash zone, the pallets are rinsed with fresh water to remove any remaining detergent.

  • Capacity: maximum 70 containers per hour
  • Energy efficient
  • Rinse zone with fresh water
  • Stainless steel
  • Dosing pump for detergent
  • Dosing pump for rinse aid
  • Vapor extraction
  • Heating by steam injection
  • Heating by hot water coil
  • Heating by electric element - 20kw
  • Heating by electric element - 30kw
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