PW 2000 Pallet Changer

Ideal for highly sensitive goods


The pallet changer PW 2000 encloses the goods very securely – two flexible side walls together with the rear wall secure the goods from three sides. Additional sliding plates ensure a particularly gentle exchange of pallets of highly sensitive goods. The pallet changer with its pushing method is particularly user friendly. The automatic operation with integrated safety technology ensures an optimal exchange process.


Pallet Loading


Pallet changing with the PW 2000

The pallet changer PW 2000 transfers goods safely and efficiently from various kinds of loads from the source pallet to the target pallet. This applies even with sensitive goods that have gaps in the stacking. The two pneumatically flexible side walls embrace the goods gently. The back wall then closes in so that the goods are firmly secured from three sides and can be pushed to the target pallet. The frame, which is driven by an electric motor with frequency control, then pushes the goods gently across to the target pallet. Accordingly, the load configuration remains stable even in the case of small cardboard packaging and trays. The construction and configuration of the PW 2000 make it particularly suitable for niche locations.


We recommend the pallet changer PW 2000 for between 10 and 30 changes per hour.


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