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Dual Clamp Pallet Inverters

Premier Dual Clamp Pallet Inverters are an essential component of the material handling industry as they reduce the cost of all crucial aspects to business execution, including production, storage, retrieval, and distribution. Dual Clamp Pallet inverters are the most versatile models in Premier’s selection of pallet inverters and can be loaded using a forklift or at ground level by a pallet truck. Utilizes a higher clamping range than that of the Free Standing (FS) model pallet inverters.


Retailing in over 35 countries, Premier Handling Solutions offers the highest-quality pallet inverter machines that will load all types of shipments from bags and drums to boxes, cartons, and tins. Our pallet turners are built to last through numerous years of service, making them vastly cost-effective.

Dual Clamp Pallet Inverters
Premier Pallet Inverter

What is an FSDC Pallet Inverter?

Short for Free Standing Dual Clamping Pallet Inverter, the FSDC Pallet Inverter is amongst the most versatile inverters money can buy. The inverter can be loaded with either a forklift or at ground level using a pallet truck

With a capacity of up to 4400 pounds and the dual clamps to hold very tall and very short loads, this inverter can handle anything you throw its way. This inverter is perfect for transferring between wood and plastic pallets or metal pallets, replacing damaged pallets, and removing freezer spacers. It can also invert boxes, drums, pails, toilets, gaylords, and glass vials with ease.

Dual Clamp Pallet Inverter Comparison

  • Dual Clamp Pallet Inverter Comparison Table
  • Description
  • Manufacturer
  • Jaw Opening
  • Cycle Time
  • Capacity
  • Finish
  • Loading Tables
  • Color Options
  • Controls
  • Power Source
  • Clamp Pressure Range
  • Motor Size
  • Main System Pressure
  • Warranty
  • Lever Machine Width
  • Lever Machine Length
  • Lever Machine Width
  • Push Button Width
  • Push Button Length
  • Push Button Height
  • Height During Operation

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