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Premier Handling Solutions is a leading manufacturer that proudly provides American-made machines and tools to material-handling and supply-chain industries. We provide warehouse equipment solutions that improve overall productivity, safety and speed throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, storage and disposal process.

Industry Proven Solutions

Pallet Inverters are an essential component to the material handling industry as they reduce the cost of all crucial aspects to business execution, including production, storage, retrieval and distribution.

There are many benefits to introducing a Premier Pallet Dispenser or Pallet Stacker to your warehouse, picking operation, or facility process. It will not only improve the overall pallet movement processes, it will greatly improve employee safety due to reductions in manual pallet handling.

Industrial Container Washing machines are made of solid plates and profiles of stainless steel. The cleaning tank features a slanted bottom to enable quick draining. The cabinet has a large door which makes the inside easy to access for cleaning. Placing the dirty container in the machine is quick and easy.

 Premier carries the largest selection of pallets including aluminum, plastic export, rackable, stackable, and extruded pallets. Whether your pallet needs are small, large or something in between, you can easily find all the varieties we have for sale, all online at Premier Handing Solutions.

At Premier Handling Solutions, we will help you get exactly the right freezer spacers at the best price. Achieve maximum air flow in freezing and tempering operations with our proven freezer spacers. Approved for food contact and can withstand temperatures between -50° C – +90°C. 

Manufactured in HDPE and is resistant to most chemicals while ensuring a faster and more efficient freezing of the entire pallet load.

Industrial wire baskets, manufactured by Premier Handling Solutions, are the perfect warehouse solution that you can trust. Premier Wire offers four convenient wire stainless steel container sizes and will customize containers to meet your specific needs. Additional custom wire container options include casters, lids, dividers, fork sleeves, and runner bars.

Material handling by PHS, Inc. guarantees quality, American made equipment for your warehouse needs.

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Since 1977, Premier Handling Solutions has provided the highest quality material handling equipment in the World.
Exceptional! I heavily leaned on the expertise of the sales staff at Premier. Their keen understanding of their product was tremendous! We purchased the FS 1600 pallet inverter and couldn’t be happier.
Richard Bradley
Proctor & Gamble
Frito Lay
Costco Wholesale

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