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55 Gallon Drum Industries

55 Gallon Drums

Top 5 Industries That Rely On 55-Gallon Drums: Petroleum IndustryFood IndustryPharmaceutical IndustryChemical IndustryWaste Industry Petroleum Industry Petroleum industries use such as ...

Can Automation Improve Working Conditions?

Can Automation Improve Working Conditions

Automation, robots and artificial intelligence are making an impact these days and there’s no denying how innovative the technology can and will be. Even with the list of benefits, technology can ...

The History of Shipping

The History Of Shipping

There is a great deal to say about the history of shipping in the US. There has been remarkable growth and a bounty of changes throughout shipping’s history, so this week we are going to focus on ...

HACCP Certification – Why Is It Important?

HACCP Certification

If you are a citizen of the USA, then recently you must be hearing about the HACCP certification a lot on the television, radio, and so on and you must be wondering as to why you are being made aware ...

Everything You Need to Know About HACCP


Foods businesses in Canada are needed to have Food items Basic safety Plan, and that is a set of composed processes that help to reduce, prevent or decrease food security hazards that may cause your ...

The Importance of FM Approvals

The Importance of FM Approvals

What is FM Global? FM Global (Factory Mutual Insurance Company) is an international insurance company formed in 1848 that specializes in loss prevention services for large corporations all ...

What is Aluminum?

What Is Aluminum?

So just what is aluminum anyways? Aluminum (Al) is a type of metal, but not just any type of metal; it is the third most abundant chemical element after oxygen and silicon. Not only that, but ...

Premier Wire

Large Wire Containers

Leading manufacturer of industrial wire containers, Premier Handling Solutions, announces the launch of their unique industrial wire baskets. Premier Handling Solutions recently added a set ...

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How to Make Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe

How to Make Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe?

Polyethylene can be used in more than just pallets. Piping, for instance, has a tremendous amount of uses and there are many different types of it. Today, we will be focusing on one specific kind of ...

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