PW 3000 Pallet Changer

Two-way pallet exchange

The PW 3000 from Baust offers a clever two-way solution. The pallet changer allows loading and unloading from both the front and rear of the machine. This is both convenient and space-saving. The PW 3000 can separate internal and external pallets even in demanding hygienic zones.

PW 3000 Step 1
PW 3000 Step 2
PW 3000 Step 3
PW 3000 Step 4


Pallet Loading


Pallet changing with the PW 3000

The PW 3000 can be utilized in all those areas where ground-level operation in both directions is necessary. It is ideal when working together with a sluice system. The source pallet and target pallet are loaded from opposite sides using a manual pallet truck. The hygiene barrier is located in the middle of the machine. The hinged rear wall closes like a sluice gate on the goods and pushes them safely over to the target pallet. The two-way system facilitates both an internal > external as well as external > internal pallet change. As an optional extra Baust offers lock gates in front of the machine walls. These ensure that sufficient airflow is guaranteed during the pallet change process and that the pallet changer fulfills the required high standards of hygiene.


We recommend the pallet changer PW 3000 for between 10 and 30 changes per hour.


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