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Pallets are sometimes designed to stack on top of one another to carry more freight in each shipment – these are called stackable pallets. Stackable pallets are the ideal option for warehousing, processing, stack loading, and static storage. Using stackable pallets in your warehouse will fashion many more storage options for your facility and decrease product damage as they are built to be extra sturdy. This type of design is effective for closed-loop systems. A closed-loop control system considers the current output and alters it to the desired condition. If stackable pallets are used in the proper manor, they will be your most cost-efficient decision yet- plus, many freight companies will charge you more money if your shipping pallets are not stackable.

When purchasing stackable pallets, it is important to always remember the following:

  • Always stack items of equal shape and size
  • Do not stack product too high on pallets
  • Do not stack pallets that are not considered stackable
  • Be aware of how much weight one pallet can carry
  • Pack items of similar weight on each pallet
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