PW 4000 Pallet Changer

Gentle pushing method pallet exchange


The PW 4000 is the ideal solution for extremely sensitive goods that can be loaded and unloaded from one side using conveyor technology. Therefore it is especially space-saving. Ideal in niche locations, the pushing method pallet changer can be integrated into other conveyor technology.


Pallet Loading


Pallet changing with the PW 4000

The PW 4000 is fully automatic, the control system activates the drive and precisely coordinates all system processes of this high-performance conveyor equipment. The eccentric lifting gear of the conveyor ensures the correct height of differing pallets. Two sliding plates and the flexible sidewalls ensure a gentle transfer procedure. Thus the goods glide gently across to the lowered target pallet which is then simply conveyed out of the machine.


We recommend the PW 4000 for between 20 and 40 changes per hour.


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