Single Clamp Pallet Inverters

Single Clamp Pallet Inverters

Premier Single Clamp Pallet Inverters are an essential component of the material handling industry as they reduce the cost of all crucial aspects to business execution, including production, storage, retrieval, and distribution. Free Standing Pallet Inverters are large-level freestanding models, that are completely stable under their own weight and only require an electrical connection to fully function.

Retailing in over 35 countries, Premier Handling Solutions offers the highest-quality pallet inverter machines that will load all types of shipments from bags and drums to boxes, cartons, and tins. Our pallet turners are built to last through numerous years of service, making them vastly cost-effective.

Free Standing Pallet inverter

What is an FS Pallet Inverter?

Short for Free Standing Pallet Inverter, the FS Pallet Inverter must be loaded by forklift and is an immensely valuable tool for any warehouse. This pallet inverter is great for transferring your loads from wood pallets to plastic pallets, switching out a damaged pallet, and recovering damaged loads.

Depending on the sensitivity of the load, the clamp pressure can be changed to grip your palletized load stronger or more lightly. The inverter can hold loads over 4000 pounds and has a huge opening for any size pallet.

The FS 1600 Pallet inverter is the perfect asset to any warehouse. Completes a full cycle of inversion in only 45 seconds and only requires an electrical connection.

Our second-level free standing model, the FS 1900 Pallet Inverter, is completely stable under its own weight and only requires an electrical connection.

The FS 2200 is our second largest free standing model and has a maximum capacity of 7,000 lbs. Like all FS models the FS 2200 is forklift loaded.

Our largest free standing model, the FS 2500 Pallet Inverter, is completely stable under its own weight and only requires an electrical connection to fully function.

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Since 1977, Premier Handling Solutions has provided the highest quality material handling equipment in the World.
Exceptional! I heavily leaned on the expertise of the sales staff at Premier. Their keen understanding of their product was tremendous! We purchased the FS 1600 pallet inverter and couldn’t be happier.
Richard Bradley
Proctor & Gamble
Frito Lay
Costco Wholesale
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