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What Are the Uses of a Pallet Inverter?


A pallet inverter or stacker is a rotating device that is used to move pallets while they are loaded with supplies. The main reason for wanting to rotate a pallet is varied, but generally, the primary reason is for the need to quickly replace a damaged or incorrectly placed pallet without stacking the entire load onto one pallet. While it can be a tedious and time-consuming task to manually turn pallets around, a rotating pallet inverter can quickly accomplish this task. These types of inducers can also be found in warehouse equipment used for moving pallets, like rollers, that are similar to those used by inverters. 

Pallet Inverters Florida

Did you know that Premier sells more pallet inverters in Florida than any other manufacturer or supplier in the World? It’s true! For the last 5 years, Premier has sold pallet inverters in the 10 largest Florida cities including, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Port St. Lucie, Cape Coral, Tallahassee, and Fort Lauderdale.

Mid Entry WorkHorse

FS 1600 Pallet Inverter


Our entry, mid and large-level freestanding models, are completely stable under its own weight and only require an electrical connection to fully function. The FSSC Pallet Inverters are available in both push-button and lever-operated models.

The FSSC’s are the workhorse of our pallet inverters with more sold each year than most other styles of pallet inverter systems combined. These inverters feature tables that are above floor level and can be loaded using a forklift.

Multiple Pallet Inverter Styles

Since there are many different models available for pallet inverters, it is best to speak with a reputable company. Some inverters are sold as part of the complete pallet inverter package, but many inverters are available separately. One way to get a better deal is to buy one of the smaller, less expensive pallet inverters to save money. However, it is important to keep in mind that most inverters will last many years, which means you could spend thousands on a single pallet inverter. If you choose to buy a higher-priced one and save hundreds or even thousands on the inverter. For large quantities of materials, such as raw materials for the manufacture of goods, these types of inverters can be very useful. It is important to remember that not all inverses are built the same, so it is always best to ask for a demonstration before making a purchase. Some pallet inverters can operate on a horizontal axis, while others must be moved vertically into position. If you require a type that can be operated on a vertical axis, however, you may want to ask the company that makes the inverter for a description of the types of rotation they offer.

A Smooth Pallet Inverter Operation

Another feature that makes the pallet inverters unique is the speed of the rotating action. Some inverters have a high-speed rotation, while others offer a slower rotation to allow for the speed of the equipment. These slower rotations can save time while moving large quantities of materials. When moving large quantities of materials through an area, it is often a good idea to make sure that a pallet inverter machine is located nearby for the smooth operation of the machine.

Worldwide Leader In Pallets Inverters

Premier Handling Solutions, Inc. is a leading manufacturer that proudly provides American-made pallet inverters and equipment to material-handling and supply-chain industries. We provide warehouse equipment solutions that improve overall productivity, safety, and speed throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, storage, and disposal process.

Pallet Inverters Decreases Overall Cost

Pallet inverters are a great way to keep inventory costs low while still maintaining productivity. These devices make it easy to move pallets around the warehouse or other storage facility without needing the aid of a large number of employees. Pallet inverters also ensure that the machinery is running at optimal efficiency. Without the pallet inverter system, a small amount of power may be needed to power the system, but that power would be wasted if the inverter did not work properly.

Pallet Inverters Increase Employee Productivity

Pallet inverters also ensure that employees do not have to deal with unloading and loading the equipment when it comes time to change or repair pallets. They are also a valuable asset in reducing the overall cost of operating the equipment. Many inverters also provide a means to reduce noise and vibration, especially when moving or stacking pallets. The use of an inverter is one of the many ways to reduce the risk of damaging equipment while on a warehouse floor.
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