What Are the Uses of a Pallet Inverter?

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A pallet inverter is a device used to transfer pallets while loaded with supplies. The main reason for wanting to rotate a pallet is varied, but generally, the primary reason is for the need to quickly replace a damaged or incorrectly placed pallet without stacking the entire load onto another pallet. While it can be a tedious and time-consuming task to manually turn pallets around, a rotating pallet inverter can quickly accomplish this task.

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Did you know that Premier sells more pallet inverters in the United States than any other manufacturer or supplier in the World? It’s true! For the last 5 years, Premier has sold pallet inverters in the 10 largest industrial cities including, New York, N.Y., Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, Ill, Houston, TX, Phoenix, AZ, St. Louis, MO, Dallas, TX, San Diego, CA, Cincinnati, OH, & Indianapolis, IN.

Mid Entry Workhorse

Fs 1600 Pallet Inverter
The FS 1600 Single Clamp Pallet Inverter is the mid-entry workhorse of the Premier lineup.


Our entry, mid and large-level freestanding models, are completely stable under their own weight and only require an electrical connection to fully function. The FSSC Pallet Inverters are available in both push-button and lever-operated models.

FSDC pallet inverters are dual clamp machines and are the workhorse of our pallet inverters. More are sold each year than most other styles of pallet inverter systems combined. Models that can be either forklift loaded above floor level or at ground level using our floor flush model.

FS 1600 Pallet Inverter

The Benefits of Pallet Inverters

If you’re moving or storing pallets in a factory or warehouse, it’s in your best interest to invest in a top-quality pallet inverter. Picking the best one that is right for your needs can make your operations more cost-effective and efficient. Pallet inverters work to carefully lift, tilt, or invert your products, safely, which directly reduces product damage and workplace injuries, as well as other pallet and labor costs. The machine is integral to keeping your workspace organized and productivity at the max.

A Valuable Investment

While the initial investment of a pallet inverter may seem expensive, the benefits outweigh and exceed the cost. The money you save from streamlining labor costs, reducing damage to products, and avoiding workplace injuries in the big picture, will pay for the machine itself. The bottom line is that business becomes more efficient with a pallet inverter and your return on investment is well substantiated.

Less Manpower Needed

The large piece of equipment does tough, laborious jobs for you, which means less manpower is needed, more time is saved, and trained personnel within your organization has more capacity to do skilled jobs that require human attention. Additionally, if you’re replacing pallets often, a pallet inverter helps to cut costs by keeping the minimum number of pallets on rent.

Prevent Products From Being Damaged

Forklifts can damage goods and the pallets that hold them when they aren’t used with care. In fact, most of the costs incurred are when pallets are damaged during transit are due to poor handling or being forklifted from one location to another. Pallet inverters can more efficiently move, store and stack pallets with higher stacking potential and less fuss—and virtually no injury to the goods.

An All In One Solution

Pallet inverters are also ideal for operations that require frequently rotating larger quantities during or after the production process. Instead of rotating single boxes at a time, the machine can rotate multiple quantities at once. You also gain versatility with a pallet inverter due to its ability to switch from handling one pallet type to another. There’s no need to use different equipment for the pallet handling process—it’s an all-in-one type of deal when you invest in a pallet inverter.

Use the Right Pallet for Optimal Operations

Once you’ve invested in a pallet inverter, you can further optimize operations by using the ideal pallet for specific applications.

For incoming goods, match the ideal pallet to the following applications:

  • plastic or aluminum in hygiene-sensitive areas
  • In-house racking pallets
  • Special size or styled pallets to match your own industry
  • Chep pallets if you prefer to use them but your supplier does not

For outgoing goods, transfer them from your own choice of in-house pallets to a variety of alternatives including:

  • Wood pallets when plastic or aluminum was used in production
  • Expendable or one-trip pallets, in the situation where the customer is unlikely to return or exchange pallets
  • Slip Sheet or other slim pallets to save on cubage weight and pallet costs
  • sling bags
  • Customer-owned pallets
  • Sling bags or freezer spacers
  • Chep pallets for when you prefer long-term storage of your own pallets but the customer prefers to receive pool pallets

Suitable for Use Across Multiple Industries

Whatever business you may be in, a pallet inverter can help improve your shipping, handling, and storage operations.

The following industries have benefited from pallet inverters:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Transport
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Brick and other Construction material handling
  • Printing
  • Plus, many more!

The Versatility of Pallet Inverters

Pallet Inverters are highly specialized machines that bring versatility and reliability to your shipping and handling operations. The state-of-the-art equipment works with finesse and speed and eliminates unnecessary manual labor. Furthermore, the pallet inverter creates a better use of warehouse space by clearing out the typical stacks of damaged loads that tend to pile up until someone is able to restack them by hand.

Streamline Your Operations

The machine can double as a load straightener as well, making poorly stacked or tilted loads safer. Overall, with the cost-effective investment of a pallet inverter, you’ll be able to easily and efficiently transfer materials, rack pallets, and reduce product damage and losses. The benefits of using a pallet inverter are enormous for any business looking to streamline operations and save money.

Worldwide Leader In Pallets Inverters

Premier Handling Solutions, Inc. is a leading manufacturer that proudly provides American-made pallet inverters and equipment to material handling and supply-chain industries. We provide warehouse equipment solutions that improve overall productivity, safety, and speed throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, storage, and disposal process.

What Are the Uses of a Pallet Inverter?
What Are the Uses of a Pallet Inverter?
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