Premier is a leading supplier of pallets near me. Whether you are looking for places to buy shipping pallets or need a quote, you can be sure Premier Handling Solutions will get you the best rates. Pallets Near Me

Whether you need a low cost international pallet, or looking for a great location to sell your used pallets, give us a call today at 800-404-2311. PHS is the leading supplier of pallet sales and offers the most competitive prices.

Choose from our wide variety of plastic pallets, as well as specialty pallets, and aluminum pallets. Our specialty pallets include extra features: nestable, fire-retardant, flow-through, one-piece, and recyclable pallets.
Ask your rep about organizing your warehouse with custom pallet colors today. Our durable, yet lightweight models will promote faster delivery and decrease the rate of product damage.
PHS sets the standard in shipping pallets with cost-effective solutions while leading and supplying the USA in pallet manufacturing.

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