Transport Goods Efficiently with a Truckload of Pallets

Full Truckload Pallet Shipping: Maximizing Efficiency

A full truckload (TL) of pallets is an efficient way for shippers to move large volumes of goods. Truckload carriers utilize 53-foot trailers that can hold around 26 standard pallets stacked two high. This results in over 1,500 cubic feet of palletized cargo capacity per truckload shipment.

53-Foot Trailer Pallet Transport: Optimal Logistics

With uniform dimensions of 48 by 40 inches, pallets optimize trailer space compared to loose boxes and items. With double stacked pallets the norm, a single truckload equates to 52 pallets occupying over 2,000 square feet of deck space.

Streamlined Supply Chain: Full Truckload Pallets

Pallets themselves are wooden or plastic platforms with open bottoms allowing jacks and lifts to raise them off the ground. This enables easy transport between warehouses, trucks, railcars, and ships. The standard dimensions result in compatible pallet sizes across supply chains using racking systems and material handling equipment.

Palletized Goods Transport: Full Truckload Benefits

Companies specialized in products like consumer goods, groceries, machinery, and electronics rely on truckload shipments of pallets. Retail distribution centers also accumulate pallets of stock ready to ship on TL carriers.

Space-Efficient Full Truckload Pallet Shipping

In addition to pallets per truckload, shippers must consider pallet weight capacity and truck weight limits. Most pallets safely hold thousands of pounds, but gross trailer weight cannot legally exceed 40 tons for tandem-axle rigs.

Distributing with Full Truckload Pallets

Shippers have a duty to not overload pallets or trailers to avoid collapsed merchandise and safety hazards. When legally loaded, a truckload of pallets enables efficient transportation of 50,000 pounds of palletized cargo.

Advantages of Full Truckload Pallet Transport

This volume shipping results in lower costs through economies of scale compared to less-than-truckload shipping. Shipping truckload quantities of pallets enables companies to lower transportation costs and efficiently move large volumes of products.

Economical Full Truckload Pallet Shipping

Premier Handling Solutions offers discounted wholesale pricing for full truckloads of new and recycled plastic pallets. With advanced production capabilities, we can provide truckload quantities of customized and specialized plastic pallets along with standard models like nestable pallets.

Efficient Supply Chain: Full Truckload Pallets

Our pallets are made in the USA with sturdy materials to provide long-term durability while safeguarding your goods. For expert consultation on truckload pallet shipping needs, contact Premier Handling Solutions.

Premier Solutions: Full Truckload Pallet Shipping

Call 1-866-926-2602 or visit to learn more. Our dedicated sales staff is standing by to provide no-obligation quotes for your truckload orders. Custom options can be tailored to your cargo requirements and supply chain operations. Transition supply chain operations to efficient, safe, and eco-friendly plastic pallets with help from the experts at Premier. Call today or submit a request online to see how truckloads of our pallets can benefit your company.

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