55 Gallon Drum Industries

Top 5 Industries That Rely On 55-Gallon Drums:

  • Petroleum Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Waste Industry

Petroleum Industry

Petroleum Industry

Petroleum industries use such as oil use 55-gallon drums since the inception of the industry. Designed specifically for shipping oil across the globe.

55-gallon drums are not used quite as much in the oil industry since the rise of pipelines and tankers. Measuring oil in barrels is more likely nowadays.

Petroleum (), also known as crude oil and oil, is a naturally occurring, yellowish-black liquid found in geological formations beneath the Earth’s surface. It is commonly refined into various types of fuels.

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Food Industry

Food Industry

The food industry uses either carbon steel or stainless steel to significantly decrease the chance of food contaminants and offers ideal protection for acidic foods from corrosion.

Uncountable Any solid substance that can be consumed by living organisms, especially by eating, in order to sustain life.

55 Gallon Drum Industries 1

Pharmaceutical Industry

The production of drums for the manufacturing, storage, and shipment of pharmaceuticals has to meet the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The CGMP has systems in place to monitor, control, and oversee the designs of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and facilities. All companies that produce containers for the pharmaceutical industry have been approved by the CGMP and have the required proper quality and purity.

A medication (also referred to as medicine, pharmaceutical drug, medicinal drug, or simply drug) is a drug (macromolecule exploiting some biological target) used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease.

Medication (14 June 2021, at 16:49 UTC). Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medication

55 Gallon Drum Industries 2

Chemical Industry

Stainless, cold rolled, or carbon steel is used to transport flammable chemicals and hazardous substances due to steel’s high corrosion resistance. Industrial stainless steel is used for sanitary applications and is an FDA-approved material.

Rust-resistant plastic drums are used to ship chemicals due to steel’s tendency to rust and corrode. Plastic barrels for chemical transport are referred to as blue barrels since they are normally blue in color and are used to transport and store acidic and caustic liquids and powders.

A chemical substance is a form of matter having a constant chemical composition and characteristic properties. Some references add that chemical substances cannot be separated into their constituent elements by physical separation methods, i.e., without breaking chemical bonds.

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Waste Disposal

55 Gallon Drum Industries 3

Drum waste refers to using 55-gallon drums to store waste materials. When the drums are collected, the contents are tested to determine how hazardous the waste is. These tests are the deciding factor regarding how to dispose of the contents.

The key factor is to safely dispose of the materials to avoid damage to the environment. Two industries that rely on 55-gallon drum waste disposal are agriculture and medical facilities.

Excess of material, useless by-products or damaged, unsaleable products; garbage; rubbish.

Best 55 Gallon Drum Manufacturers

Are you in the market for 55-gallon drums for plastic, steel, or metal drums? Premier can help. Each 55-gallon drum can be used for numerous applications including storage and commercial shipments.

55 Gallon Drum Dimensions

Did you know the standard 55-gallon drum dimension is 34 inches tall? Interior dimensions are typically 22.5-inch diameter and an external diameter of 23 inches. Bungs are attached to the drum and are usually 2 inches in diameter allowing pumps to be screwed for safe and secure dispensing.

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