Cold Storage Pallet Inverters

Cold Storage Pallet Inverters

Premier Cold Storage Pallet Inverters are a simple ground-loaded pallet transfer or freezer slat removal system. The G95 is ideal for frozen or temperature cautious product applications including meat, seafood, poultry, vegetables, condiments, and more. Tipping the load on its side just beyond 90° allows the load to rest on the skate table or sidewall. When the clamp is released from the top of the load it will allow the product to glide away from the pallet or load table enabling quick simple and safe pallet transfer, replacement, or freezer blasting slat removal.

Retailing in over 35 countries, Premier Handling Solutions offers the highest-quality pallet inverter machines that will load all types of shipments from bags and drums to boxes, cartons, and tins. Our pallet turners are built to last through numerous years of service, making them vastly cost-effective.

Premier G95 90" Pallet Inverter

What is a G95 Pallet Inverter?

The G95 was first developed in the mid-1980s for use in cold storage, blast freezing warehouses, or distribution related facilities exporting products.

It was designed as an alternative to the conventional 180° Pallet Inverter, which did not offer ground loading or pallet separation capabilities at the time which later became an industry standard. With that, the G95 Pallet Exchange / Pallet Retriever was developed.

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Exceptional! I heavily leaned on the expertise of the sales staff at Premier. Their keen understanding of their product was tremendous! We purchased the FS 1600 pallet inverter and couldn’t be happier.
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