Slip Sheet Dispenser

Fully automated dispensing and collecting of slip sheets


The slip sheet dispenser is the perfect addition to any automatic palletizing system. A slip sheet between the load and the pallet is particularly recommended for sensitive goods and decreasing wooden pallet quality.


Pallet & Slip Sheet Data


Integrated slip sheet handling in practice

Dispensing: If the finished product is palletized from a hygiene pallet made of plastic or aluminum onto a wooden pallet after production in the outgoing goods department, it makes sense to use a protective slip sheet. The additional protection between the goods and the pallet can also be used to secure the position of the load with an appropriate anti-slip coating. The slip sheet is individually removed from the stack by suction pressure and placed on the respective pallet.


Collecting: At goods receival, the system changes from the external pallet to the internal pallet for various reasons. To use the empty pallets for further processing or transfer, it may make sense to remove the old cover sheets using a slip sheet dispenser.


In both cases, the position of the loading station is decisive for the cycle and the space requirement of the entire system:


Depending on the individual project requirements, the slip sheet dispenser can be positioned in front of or behind the pallet changer. In addition, it is also possible to integrate both machines into one another.


We recommend the slip sheet dispenser for 40 to 60 cycles per hour.


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