Stainless Steel Mix Bowl Tipper

The Premier stainless steel mixing bowl tipper is a revolutionary tool designed to reduce manual labor when emptying dough-mixing bowls. By tilting the heavy and thick contents of these containers up to 90 degrees, users can easily separate them out without putting any unnecessary strain on their bodies due to lifting, crouching, or bending motions. This device has become an essential asset for bakeries, pastries services as well as dairy and cheese processing businesses that are looking for effective methods employed in safe conditions.

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Specification: Stainless Steel Mix Bowl Tipper

Backsaver Specifications



0° to 100°


12V deep-cycle / semi-traction battery


E-Stop button on both sides


Bakeries, Cheese Processing, Dairy Products


2,000 lbs.


Push Button on both sides

Improved Processes

Premier tippers revolutionize production, providing superior controls and eliminating the need for excessive movement. Its intuitive design allows operators to access independent functions regardless of its position with respect to other equipment–maximizing efficiency while reducing the risk of workplace injury. This combination has made it an undeniable favorite amongst deboning facilities worldwide!

Enhanced Productivity

Our standard tipper machine simplifies the job of transferring goods to their designated location. It eliminates manual lifting and crouching, reducing strain on personnel that could lead to back pain or injury. As a result, the staff is healthier and more productive!

Rechargeable Battery

Our tippers provide superior portability and convenience, allowing you to work anywhere on the floor without being tethered to a power supply. The robust battery lives up to demanding conditions with outstanding performance in cool environments – no need for extra cords or outlets! Get ready for efficiency like never before – charge it overnight and handle up to 50 tons of products during your shift every day.

Operational Safety

Impressive stability is achieved by mounting two heavy-duty locking swivel casters outside the frame and setting it to a tipping angle of up to 110 degrees. It utilizes gravity for its lowering action via a hydraulic cylinder, thus minimizing any potential risk from moving parts and offering maximum safety. Its audible backup signal alerts other personnel when in motion – one extra layer of precaution that ensures optimum operation conditions with zero compromises on security!

Hygiene and Food Safety

The food industry can enjoy the benefits of our specially designed tippers. Not only are they safe and suitable for direct contact with food items, but also feature stainless steel construction to simplify cleaning processes–even power washers! Make your cleanup routine a breeze today.

Stainless Mix-Bowl Standard Features:

  • Single hydraulic cylinder
  • Backup sound alarm
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • Independent controls on each side
  • Dead man’s (hold-to-run) buttons (Up/Down)

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Stainless Steel Mix Bowl Tipper
Stainless Steel Mix Bowl Tipper
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