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The G95 Pallet Inverter or Pallet Retriever style of transfer system was first developed in the mid 1980’s for use in cold storage, blast freezing warehouses or distribution related facilities exporting product. It was designed as an alternative to the conventional 180° Pallet Inverter, which did not offer ground loading or pallet separation capabilities at the time which later became an industry standard. With that, the G95 Pallet Exchange / Pallet Retriever was developed.

The G95 pallet inverter primary uses are the recovering of broken pallets and simple transfer or exchange of in house or export pallets. This unit also provides the fastest removal of blast freezing spacers, slats, and plastic dividers. The G95 will greatly reduce labor costs and completely eliminate lumping service needs.  Cold Storage 1

Today, these pallet inverter machines are used primarily in cold storage industries and or blast freezing facilities. Many distribution centers, 3rd party logistics, and numerous meat, poultry, pork, seafood facilities, not to mention regional mixing centers.

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