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Trash Can (General Waste) Sign


There are many types of trash receptacles in the workplace. Labeling which trash container is for which type of trash can clear up confusion. For instance, there may be specific trash receptacles just for corrosive or solvent wastes. However, it is also nice to know where general waste can be thrown. General waste doesn’t include dangerous chemicals or substances. Instead general waste receptacles can be utilized to throw always wrappers, broken parts, etc. In order to accurately identify a trash receptacle for general waste you can use our Trash Can (General Waste) Floor Sign.

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<div class=”spec-title”>FEATURES</div><!– –> <ul><!– –> <li>Printed on industrial-grade vinyl</li><!– –> <li>Low-profile material that can withstand pedestrian and forklift traffic</li><!– –> <li>No hassle – Peel-&-stick installation</li><!– –> <li>More durable than paint</li><!– –> <li>1-year limited warranty</li><!– –> </ul><!– –><!– –><!– –>

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