PPE Required



Knowing where it is required to wear personal protective equipment is very important in many facilities.  This floor sign has pictures of different types of PPE and reads, “Personal Protective Equipment Required” to make it clear that people need to be wearing some type of PPE in order to enter.  This floor sign can come in multiple different sizes and can either have permanent adhesive or adhesive that will allow the sign to be removed and placed in another area. The sign itself has a black outer edge with a yellow background. The text is in yellow and the pictures of personal protection equipment are in black. This high contrast makes it easy to see and understand what the floor sign’s message is.  If your facility has any areas where people are required to wear personal protection equipment, make sure you have this floor sign in place.



<div class=”spec-title”>FEATURES</div><!– –> <ul><!– –> <li>Printed on industrial-grade vinyl</li><!– –> <li>Low-profile material that can withstand pedestrian and forklift traffic</li><!– –> <li>No hassle – Peel-&-stick installation</li><!– –> <li>More durable than paint</li><!– –> <li>1-year limited warranty</li><!– –> </ul><!– –><!– –><!– –>

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