First Aid Kit Inside (white background) – Wall Sign


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First Aid Kit Inside (white background) – Wall Sign

Having this wall sign that says, “First Aid Kit Inside” with a white background will quickly let people know that there is a first aid kit in the area behind the wall sign. This could be put on a door to a room where the first aid supplies are kept, for example. It can also be placed on a drawer or cupboard door so people know exactly where to look when they need the first aid kit. If your facility has a first aid kit that is kept out of sight, having this type of wall sign is extremely important.

You don’t want people to have to dig through drawers or cabinets to find the first aid kit when it is needed. A simple wall sign like this will ensure everyone is aware of exactly where the kit is located when they need it so they are not wasting any time searching. This can help minimize the severity of many types of accidents and injuries that take place in your facility.


  • Industrial, long-lasting materials
  • Custom signs available
  • No set-up charge & no extra charges for customization


  • Mounted to PVC Signboard
  • Removable Adhesive Wall Sign
  • Peel & Stick Permanent Adhesive
  • Mounted to Aluminum Signboard
  • Magnetic


  • 10″x7″
  • 14″x10″
  • 24″x18″
  • 36″x27″
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