Emergency Eye Wash Station Label

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Make sure all emergency eyewash stations are clearly and boldly labeled so employees know where they are and can easily access them when needed. When an eye emergency occurs, just a matter of a minute can make a huge difference when it comes to washing out the eye. Save further damage to eyes by making sure all stations are adequately labeled. Our “Emergency Eyewash Station Label” is a great option to use when labeling eyewash stations.


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<div class=”spec-title”>FLOOR TAPE FEATURES</div><!– –> <ul><!– –> <li>Easy to install: just peel and stick to clean surface<!– –></li><!– –> <li>Available in 7 different sizes</li><!– –> <li>Made from durable materials, holds up to extreme environments</li><!– –> <li>Resists forklift and foot traffic</li><!– –> <li>1-year limited warranty</li><!– –> </ul><!– –><!– –>

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