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Caution: Non-Potable Water Do Not Drink – Wall Sign

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Caution: Non-Potable Water Do Not Drink – Wall Sign

A wall sign that says, “Caution: Non-Potable Water Do Not Drink” is very important in many situations. Many workplaces, for example, have large containers of water that are used for cooling, watering plants or any number of other things. If the water is not safe for drinking it is essential to let people know so they don’t attempt to consume it. Putting this sign up near the faucet of the water, or anywhere around it, will help ensure nobody gets sick because they drank some of the water.

This type of wall sign can also be used around ponds if the water is not safe for dinking. This is often the case near smaller decorative ponds or man-made ponds because there is no circulation. Whether on personal property or business land it is necessary to alert people to this potential hazard. A simple sign that lets them know that the water is not potable is a perfect solution.


  • Industrial, long-lasting materials
  • Custom signs available
  • No set-up charge & no extra charges for customization


  • Mounted to PVC Signboard
  • Removable Adhesive Wall Sign
  • Peel & Stick Permanent Adhesive
  • Mounted to Aluminum Signboard
  • Magnetic


  • 10″x7″
  • 14″x10″
  • 24″x18″
  • 36″x27″

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Sign Size

10" x 7", 12", 14" x 10", 16", 18", 20", 24", 24" x 18", 28", 32", 36", 36" x 27"

Product Type

Mounted To PVC Signboard, Peel-and-Stick Permanent Adhesive Wall Sign, Removable Adhesive Wall Sign

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