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Caution: Low Head Room – Wall Sign

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Specification: Caution: Low Head Room – Wall Sign

Sign Size 10" x 7", 12", 14" x 10", 16", 18", 20", 24", 24" x 18", 28", 32", 36", 36" x 27"
Product Type Mounted To PVC Signboard, Peel-and-Stick Permanent Adhesive Wall Sign, Removable Adhesive Wall Sign
Weight 3 lbs

Caution: Low Head Room – Wall Sign

Wall signs that read, “Caution: Low Head Room” can really help avoid a lot of headaches. Few things can be as painful or frustrating as bumping your head on a pipe, support beam or just about any other hard object. Unfortunately, there are many places in warehouses, factories, mines and even homes where the ceiling is low and it is easy to bump your head. While bumping your head is bad enough in any situation, it can be life threatening if you do it while carrying heavy items or even while operating machinery. This is why it is so important to make sure people are aware when the risk of hitting their head is high.

Placing this sign on a wall, door or other area where the ceiling gets lower is a great way to remind people that they need to watch out. In some cases it is sufficient for them just to crouch down and keep an eye on the ceiling in the area. In others it may be best to put on a hard hat. Whatever the case, this wall sign is essentially the first line of defense against head injuries related to bumps due to low head room.


  • Industrial, long-lasting materials
  • Custom signs available
  • No set-up charge & no extra charges for customization


  • Mounted to PVC Signboard
  • Removable Adhesive Wall Sign
  • Peel & Stick Permanent Adhesive
  • Mounted to Aluminum Signboard
  • Magnetic


  • 10″x7″
  • 14″x10″
  • 24″x18″
  • 36″x27″
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