Caution – Keep Off Label


This is a label that says, “Caution – Keep Off” in bold black lettering. It uses the traditional color scheme of yellow background on the top portion with a white background on the bottom. This makes it much easier to see, even from some distance. Many facilities use these types of labels to remind people that they should not be climbing on shelving or other units. This is especially popular in warehouses and other areas where there are a lot of shelves. If you run a facility where customers can come in, this caution – keep off label can also remind customers not to go on things that could be dangerous. Ladders and scaffolding, for example, can be very dangerous for those who aren’t used to being on them. This simple caution label can help remind those in the area to stay off unless they are approved to be on.

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  • 3 size options available
  • Easy peel-and-stick application
  • Strong adhesive for high durability
  • Chemical, water, and smear resistant
  • Removable without leaving messy residue

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