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The STK 205 is a washable and reusable, stackable pallet made from a blue, reinforced PE/PP/FM plastic blend. The materials in this model have been approved by the FDA and will not absorb any acids, solvents, odors, fats, water, or bacteria. This makes the STK 205 a great option for transporting pharmaceuticals and food. This is a one-piece pallet with 4-way entry access that measures 48” x 40” x 5.12” and weighs 42 lbs. It can stack 17 pallets high, and has a dynamic capacity of 4,000 lbs and a static capacity of 30,000 lbs. This hygienic design features a ventilated top deck and a cruciform bottom deck. Dimensions and features of this pallet are consistently accurate.

Part Number: 5202205

DIMENSIONS 40” x 48” x 5.12” WEIGHT 42 lbs ENTRY 4-Way Entry MATERIALS PE, PP, FM, Reinforced Blend DYNAMIC CAPACITY 4,000 lbs STATIC CAPACITY 30,000 lbs SUPPORTED RACKING CAPACITY 4,000 lbs
  • Hygienic design
  • One piece pallet
  • FDA / USDA approved materials
  • Impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors
  • Resists water absorption & bacteria growth
  • Dimensionally accurate
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