Rackable Plastic Pallets

Premier Rackable plastic pallets are the most durable and reliable pallets for sale you can find. They are designed for optimizing storage space and can be used to safely and securely store product on racks. Premier offers industry low cost pallets on multiple styles as well. Premier carries light duty rackables that are hygenic, FDA & USDA Approved, impervious to acids, fats, solvents, and odors. Other benefits include; resists water absorption, resists bacteria growth, and are NSF approved. Maximize your floor space with a heavy duty-reusable solid top deck, ventilated top deck and or cruciform pallet by Premier. Rackable sizes vary in 40” x 48” and blue and black colors. 

What is a Rackable Plastic Pallet?

FULL PERIMETER CRUCIFORM PALLET (RCK) – A full perimeter pallet is the best option for pallet racking because they have base runners which run each side of the pallet and can be racked in both directions depending upon rack design. This type of pallet utilizes the block design to its full capacity, resulting in the construction of a complete framework on both ends and both sides of the pallet.

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