Drum Palletizer

The Premier palletizing system to optimize materials flow systems


The handling system solves the familiar problems faced by all companies which have to load synthetic or metal drums onto pallets – in particular in the chemicals industry or at other filling plants. The Baust-Materialflusssysteme palletizing system provides an economical and cost-effective method. The drum palletizer is a fully automated system tailored to customers’ requirements. Varying quantities of synthetic and metal drums can be transferred from one pallet to another without any damage, thus optimizing operational processes.


Pallet Loading


How does the drum palletizing system work?

Drums are picked up by the palletizing system. Conveyors move a pallet from the pallet magazine to the corresponding position in the drum palletizer. Sliding plates extend over the pallet, allowing the drums to be moved without any risk of danger or damage. The sliding plates are pulled out from under the drums once the synthetic or metal drums have been pushed onto them. Drums are held in position during this procedure. The drums have reached their final position on the pallet and the loaded pallet can be removed from the system. The next palletizing sequence can begin.


  1. Move-in of the drums
  2. Move-in of the pallet
  3. The sliding plates are extended
  4. Pushing of the drums
  5. Drums are moved in again
  6. Drums are pushed again
  7. Retraction of the sliding plates
  8. Removal of the pallets


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