Browse our selection of pallet positioners and automatic level loaders at Premier Handling Solutions. The positioners offer total operator control and auto levels for complete control. Foot controls allow Pallet Positioneroperators to adjust the load to any position to accommodate virtually any working height. Premier supplies many types and styles of positioners: Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, spring loaded, turn table, wide base, and stainless steel models.

What Does A Pallet Positioners Do?

A Pallet positioner will automatically adjust the very top of your pallet at working height level, thus, minimizing employee reaching, extending, bending, and straining while decreasing employee injury. The turntable top will allow the pallet load to rotate (carousel), completely eliminating the need for your workers to walk around the product speeding up productivity. 

Need help figuring out which pallet positioner suits your needs? Premier Handling Solutions has customer service experts standing by to assist you every step of the way. Give us a call today at 800-404-2311.

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