A hydraulic lift table is an ergonomic device used to raise, lower, or tilt workloads stably which usually includes pallets. Premier Handling Solutions offers a variety of industrial lift tables that accommodate various size capacities and needs in your warehouse including rotating lifts, electric lifts, industrial platform lists, positioning tables, tilters, and multistage scissor lift solutions.

Lift tables are regularly used in warehouses, manufacturing, logistics, and sanitary facilities, and our designs are built to perform for decades with their heavy steel structure that conquers the toughest demands. Lift tables are also used for hundreds of other uncommon applications, including machine feeding and offloading, product assembly, inspection, quality control, and repair. Our designs will increase overall efficiency in the warehouse as well as provide relief to material handlers who are tasked each day with heavy lifting. Another great benefit to working with lift tables is that they do not involve any heavy maintenance costs.

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