This line is designed to support zoned color-coding programs. The five colors offered pair with the core colors of PHS HACCP tools, increasing the effectiveness of end users’. Color-coded garments provide food manufacturers an additional tool for quick visual verification. This helps ensure that the right people are using the right tools for specified zones. These products are durable and hygienic, making them an excellent complement to PHS Products’ cleaning and material handling tools. The total-color garments provide protection to the wearer and are easy on the environment because they are reusable.

  • • Food Safe (FDA-compliant)
  • • Washer and dryer safe
  • • Reusable
  • • Recyclable
  • • Waterproof
  • • Easily repairable
  • • Virtually non-stick and non-staining
  • • Completely latex-free
  • • Resistant to chemical and acid sanitation
  • • Non-porous surface: won’t host bacteria or mold
  • • High abrasion resistance
  • • Material returns to original shape after stretching
  • • Impervious to animal fats and degreasers
  • • Does not retain odors and has no off-gassing
  • • Will not crack or stiffen in low temperatures or with repeated cleaning


  • 6 Mil Die Cut Aprons
  • • One-piece construction limits the potential for foreign body contamination and reduces points for pathogens
  • • Aprons are reversible and fit comfortably over clothes
  • • May be used in conjunction with protective sleeves for maximum safety
  • 45” Apron:
    Part #: HCP8001x
  • 50” Apron:
    Part #: HCP8002x
  • Colors available:
  • Case Quantity:
    36 (Ships in full cases only)

  • 8 Mil Die Cut Aprons
  • • Significantly increased resistance to punctures and tears. For workstations with sharp edges or jobs that require lifting, carrying, or the use of knives or scissors
  • • Aprons are reversible and fit comfortably over clothes
  • • One-piece construction limits contamination and reduces harborage points for pathogens
  • 45” Apron:
    Part #: HCP8101x
  • 50” Apron:
    Part #: HCP8102x
  • Colors available:
  • Case Quantity:
    24 (Ships in full cases only)

  • 6 Mil Gowns
  • • Full-length cuffed sleeves offer full protection
  • • The open back improves user comfort by reducing weight and providing ventilation
  • Large Gown:
    Part #: HCP8603x
  • Extra Large:
    Part #: HCP8604x
  • Colors available::
  • Case Quantity:
    10 (Ships in full cases only)

  • Sleeves
  • • Sleeves provide coverage from the wrist to above the elbow
  • • Elastic at both ends of the sleeves keeps them securely in place
  • 18”:
    Part #: HCP8401x
  • 21”:
    Part #: HCP8402x
  • Colors available::
  • 18” Case Quantity:
    24 pairs (Ships in full cases only)
  • 21” Case Quantity:
    18 pairs (Ships in full cases only)

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