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SPACECARE Workbench Casters kit 600Lbs Heavy Duty Quick Release

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Specification: SPACECARE Workbench Casters kit 600Lbs Heavy Duty Quick Release

Materials and Colors




Part Number


Item Weight

‎8.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎5.5 x 1.75 x 6.3 inches

Item model number



‎Caster Kit-Quick Release/Two Mounting Options-4 PK


‎600 Lbs-4PK

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


  • 【Durable Construction】 – The heavy duty wheel casters, constructed with durable solid steel and premium urethane wheels, which can move smoothly and easily support up to 600 lbs per set. The wear-resistant wheels can work smoothly and steadily for heavy duty workbenches tables and equipments.
  • 【2 Installation Method】- The first method: Attach the quick-release plate to workbench legs, then push the mounting plate into the quick-release plate and insert the locking pin to fix the whole caster(see image 3). For this method, the casters can be taken down whenever you want especially for the occasion you don’t need to move workbench. The final method: As for normal installation, simply attach the mounting plate to workbench legs and assemble casters.
  • 【Retractable Leveling Wheels】- Step on the pedal then lift the workbench to the fixed height. Pay attention not to step on the edge of outer side, just put your foot at the middle point of pedal. The casters cannot work on rocky road, but it works well on smooth road.
  • 【360-Degree Maneuverability】- Equiped with 360-degree swivel bracket, the wheel can turn to any directions. Move the workbench, table, cabinet and equipment to the destination more easily and flexibly.
  • 【Complete Equipment】- The workbench casters include Four 2-1/2″ swivel urethane casters, 24 mounting screws, 4 mountingbolts 1 wrench and a full instruction. The quick and installation lays the foundation for your moving object.

8 reviews for SPACECARE Workbench Casters kit 600Lbs Heavy Duty Quick Release

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  1. RLB

    Quite disappointed in these. The construction prevents you from being able to hold the caster mounting bolt with a wrench (see picture) which makes tightening the nut a challenge (grab the flange with vise grips, pipe wrench, pump pliers?). Also, the back plate on the casters and, therefore, the quick release plate, is smaller than on casters sold by Powertec, Rockler and Peachtree. (In the picture, a Powertec plate is in the upper right corner.) As a result, the Spacecare casters are very loose in the Powertec quick release plates, and casters from the other three companies I mentioned will not fit in the Spacecare plates. I will be sending the Spacecare kit back.

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  2. H. Feldman

    OK, so I had tried the non-plate version of this style, which were both harder to install and didn’t lift particularly well. so I got these based on prior ratings. I am installing these on a CNC router which I built the table for using one of those table kits (where the heavy molded legs are in glass-reinforced nylon. So the challenge is the equipment is already working so there is ~300lbs on the table (due to the compressor underneath the CNC). It was hard to tell where to attach this since the actual legs are the nylon material. So the first thing I made (and was a key item to making the install way) was a 1″ thick block (25.4mm for those not in the US) in which case you simply rest the plate on top of the block and then the holes are at the right spot. The machine screws supplied with the kit didn’t reach all the way through on one of the holes (they are I think 6mm screws) so I figured a 1/4-20×3″ screw [note: needs to be countersunk – not pan or hex head] would work perfectly and it did (obviously you need a 1/4-20 nut too). I slid the caster in. Stomped down and voila, everything lifted off the floor as expected. Installing each one of these takes a few seconds (I drilled a pilot hole and then the 1/4″ hole), then slide the bolts through tighten the screws with a screw-gun and slide the caster in.

    The reason these are so much better is because it is very difficult to install with the caster in place, while the plate is trivial. I also like that if I ever need to I can pop these back off in 2 seconds just by pulling the pins. Honestly an elementary school child could install these (and for that matter lift the equipment) with a little coaching. The key is the 1″ height off the floor for the plate bottom (and a little block to rest it on while drilling). The *cough* directions included in the box don’t even mention the 1″ clearance height, but the entry above does so I went with that (which was correct – or at least works really well)

    I am editing the review I left as when I got to the 4th caster of course the plate was missing – Ugh. Seriously? I almost don’t feel like uninstalling to “return” the part since that’s more work than it seems (it is insanely awkward around the equipment. And 3 of them are firmly bolted in.

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  3. Alejandro Hernandez Enriquez

    Las ruedas están bien, pero llego incompleto el paquete como se ve en la foto, faltaba una placa de fijación

    Devolví el producto pero………………. los precios se triplicaron al querer volverlo a comprar

    Paso de 790 pesos a 2,100 pesos

    Al parecer es un gancho para llevar primero a la compra para después vender más caro el producto

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  4. HannibalRios

    These things work great.

    I use them in my workshop to make heavy machines maneuverable, and I’ve ordered four sets. I might order some more.

    I’m giving them only one star because of the deplorable quality control.

    Somebody either doesn’t know how to count, or doesn’t care, or maybe they are so overworked that they’re exhausted and making mistakes.

    Three of the four packages I ordered arrived with missing parts. One package had to be sent back because it was missing so many crucial parts, in spite of sporting a ‘QC Inspected’ sticker on one of the bags. Amazon sent a replacement soon enough. The replacement they sent was the only package I received that had all the parts accounted for. The other three sets had a variety of small parts missing. Luckily, I have a well stocked workshop and was able get up and running using my own nuts and bolts, but it wasn’t convenient to take the incomplete set to the UPS store for return.

    Today I installed my last set and found that it was missing one of the bolts that mounts the caster. Very friggin annoying!

    I may order these again, but the only way it makes sense is to order an extra set, cannibalize what is missing from the other sets and return the remainder.

    Other than the bloody annoyance, they’re absolutely great!

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  5. JDT

    Good in theory, terrible in practice. Put on a 4-500 lbs workbench and first time I tried them they bent. Had a previous set from Lee Valley rated for 400 lbs which were far heavier construction than these are. Probably need something rated at least double the weight I’d bench. Returned and went to height adjusting casters rated to 2000 lbs. Less convenient but work very well as only need to move bench 4-5 times per year. Were about the same cost. Do not recommend the Spacecare castors unless bench is very light

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  6. Glenn Schentag

    Used a set of these to raise a workbench I just built.
    The bench and hardware come in at 400lbs +.
    The bench rolls very well with these, the bearings feel very smooth.
    Good value.

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  7. Engineering Guy

    Delighted with value for money. Used it on an old and very heavy wood workbench.

    Take time to mock up your installation before drilling holes for bolts or installing wood screws. There is a narrow range for an easy lift. Instructions are vague. I learned the hard way.

    I also removed the castor assembly when not in use so the wheels are not a trip hazzard. Easy to remove and install all four castors in 30 seconds.

    Worth placing a light film of bearing grease to help cam operate smoothly and easily.

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  8. Fire Boy

    These should allow me to “trundle about” my workbench (when necessary) in our garage/shop. Never enough shop space . . . you know?

    Update: this is a nice idea however it’s poorly executed. Because the caster rotates with a cantilevered wheel beneath (rather than revolving directly under the axis that it rotates on), it differentially raises and lowers (due to the weakness of the design) as it supports the cantilevered weight. A caster that rotates directly underneath the axis it’s mounted on would probably be more effective than this. I believe I am going to have to return these.

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    SPACECARE Workbench Casters kit 600Lbs Heavy Duty Quick Release
    SPACECARE Workbench Casters kit 600Lbs Heavy Duty Quick Release


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