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SOLEJAZZ Workbench Caster kit 660 LBS

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Specification: SOLEJAZZ Workbench Caster kit 660 LBS

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‎6.89 pounds

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‎10.16 x 7.36 x 2.56 inches


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  • 【DURABLE CONSTRUCTION WITH PREMIUM QUALITY】-The heavy duty wheel casters are constructed with durable thicker steel that can easily transform your stationary 660lbs workbench to a mobile workbench. Three holes on the top and bottom of the plate, durable wheels and bearings.
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】- The workbench casters include 4 workbench caster assemblies with assembly hardware, all the necessary mounting hardware, full instructions and an installation template for quick and easy mounting of the workbench casters to a standard flat base surface.
  • 【360-DEGREE MANEUVERABILITY】-The heavy-duty polyurethane wheels casters wheels let you enjoy 360 movement capability that will allow to maneuver tights space and allows for a larger and flexible working space.
  • 【SIMPLE OPERATION】- Each lift pedal is ribbed and textured to provide extra grip when foot pressure is applied. Step on the pedal then lift the workbench to an fixed height. Once elevated you can move your bench, table or machine as desired.
  • 【INSTALL TEMPLATE】- With our install template, the workbench casters can be installed quickly and accurate with no measuring required..

10 reviews for SOLEJAZZ Workbench Caster kit 660 LBS

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  1. DJ Nykon HTID

    They arw sturdy enough on my table saw station. But they cause the carcass to twist when they are raised or lowered as they all need to be done individually putting stress on a single corner.
    I got over this by attaching a pressed steel bar between them and bolting it on so two can be raised at once.
    Still get some racking but not as much.

    They are expensive for what they are and I uses much bigger (5 x 50) screws to secure them.

    Easy to install using the template supplied.

    They really need the bar connecting at least two of them for them to work well though.

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  2. lcbartle

    We needed these for our wood steps that we made for the outside of our 5th wheel. – they were so heavy we had a hard time moving them. These were easy to install and they move our steps without any problem. Would recommend these to anyone who needs something heavy to move. Price was great and we received these faster than expected.

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  3. John A Merlino

    I changed out plate casters for these wheels they would give me more maneuverability. Whilst they are cool to operate I have a few concerns, with the caveat that I have a 400 pound workbench perched on these. For one no matter where I mounted them, on the ends of the legs or the front and back of the legs, I find myself hooking electrical cords, and hitting things around the shop. As well these wheels do not find small bits of dust or chips friendly at all, they constantly skid and stop. This is however not the biggest issue I have with them, when you push a heavy object, as I mentioned a 400 pound workbench, they want to track in all sorts of directions,I am not finding the wheels very cooperative when pushing the bench and constantly have to muscle the bench in all directions. I am going back to the plate pivoting casters. I am not saying these are bad casters, I just don’t think they are made for the really heavy work and uneven floors or surfaces. Another issue is when they are disengaged and the locking fulcrum is up, it is very hard using a workbook to grab it and push it down, it hyperextends up and gets locked in a vertical position, so I have to bend over to grab them flip the fulcrum down and then press using my foot.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I ordered these to put on a lathe stand that I built for a lathe that weighs about 200 pounds, The bench I built is heavy duty and probably weighs in at about 150 pounds. I added these and they work great. The only problem I have found is picking them up one at a time is a little awkward but I saw one reviewer put a metal bar on each side and connected it with bolts to both pick up pedals. That way it will raise up two wheels at the same time by stepping on the bar. I’m going to do that but these are great. I can put my lathe away in a corner when not in use and roll it out when needed. Let the wheels down and it rests solid on the floor. I’m going to buy a couple more sets for some other tool stands that I have built. Great product!

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  5. David P.

    I do not have a dedicated workshop so I use my garage when working on home improvement projects. The largest and heaviest item I have is an old B&D table-saw which is invaluable when needed but is just taking up space in a corner >99% of the time. It has always been a struggle to drag the table-saw into a usable position or move it to accommodate larger items, for cleaning up sawdust etc. When I saw this SOLEJAZZ Workbench Caster kit 660 LBS Capacity advertised, I thought it worth trying out. I ordered the set on Monday and it arrived on Tuesday; I just spent a couple of hours installing and I am very pleased with the result. As can be seen in the attached photo, the legs of the table are irregular cross-section tubular alloy and are not vertical; so I was unsure how these casters would attach. I was able to secure each mounting bracket to a flat section of the legs using two of the provided screws which were strong enough to be self-tapped into holes I drilled in the metal legs. Raising and lowering the casters is simply done with foot pressure and I can now move the table-saw into position almost effortlessly and drop it down onto its feet for solid operation. The casters appear to be good quality, heavy duty items and should make my life easier for years to come.

    I am so pleased with this product that I have ordered a second set to be used on a tool cabinet which doubles as a work bench. Here I have the inverse situation, the cabinet is mounted on casters so it is easy to move around; but the casters are rickety, resulting in an unstable work-surface. I plan to put a solid wooden base under the cabinet and then add these retractable casters for mobility.

    Update: The second set I ordered arrived the next day …. How can one not be happy with this service. I now have both table saw and tool cabinet easily mobile when casters are down and firmly positioned when casters are retracted.

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  6. bluecar

    Like these – really solid metal, and nicely finished. Castors decent quality, and a full set of fixings included. happy moving a 165kg planer about attached to the frame, and way cheaper than the equivalent from a well-known woodworking company beginning with R. ……in fact, they look identical…

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  7. Scott McPhee

    Now fitted to my Axminster lathe after making up 4 plates to fix them to the original tapped holes in the legs. So easy now to move the lathe into position to turn outboard. Perfect!

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  8. Me

    I was looking for a set of lift wheels that would do the very thing I was after, and that was to apply some kind of lift for my workbench so I could move the island bench to any side of my shop and not break the back in doing so. Real estate is tight in my shop and dragging the bench was not back friendly! I found these wheels very easy to install and the template was spot on for good installation. Just a few tools is all it takes.
    Most people install these lift wheels on the benches end and I found them to be trip hazard because they stick out. I chose to install them on the inside of the legs with good room to spare, as they now face each other. Works just as good! Tripping hazard is now no longer a threat.
    The quality is there. The simple operation of the pedal is there. The price is definitely there too. It’s the wheel thing! Buy some today while you are at the point of consideration. Your review will be positive too!

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  9. jaycgl

    These retractable casters were installed on my metal working workbench. By design they work independently which severely racked the loaded bench, as a single caster, on one leg, was lifting one complere side of the bench. This show stopping problem was solved by fabricating and installing a pair of foot treadles which span a pair of the caster levers. Once paired the casters work as a set. This and a liberal application of grease on the cam mechanism, resolved the racking problem. Now they work so well Tha I’ve purchased a second set for my woodworking bench! See the photos, they’re worth a thousand words.

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  10. rjleblanc

    The product arrived on time and as described. It was easy to install and performed nicely. The only issue i had was with the included hardware. I used this product on an 8×8 assembly table. I used 3/4 inch plywood for the legs and put a 2×4 block at the bottom to attach the caster to. I used a standard Ryobi impact driver with a #2 Phillips Bit. Several of the screws stripped and the rest I was worried about. I replaced them with 2 inch Torx deck screws. It may not be pretty but the caster will break before the screws come out. Just my two cents.

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    SOLEJAZZ Workbench Caster kit 660 LBS
    SOLEJAZZ Workbench Caster kit 660 LBS


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