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MegaDeal 12 Pack 2″ Swivel Caster Wheels

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Specification: MegaDeal 12 Pack 2″ Swivel Caster Wheels

Materials and Colors




Part Number


Item Weight

‎3 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎12 x 12 x 12 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎12 Pack – No Brake



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Special Features


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  • Rotate 360 degrees. Smooth & Silent & Sturdy.
  • Capacity: 65lbs each. Plate Size: 1.9″ (49mm) x 2.2″ (58mm). Hole center to hole center: 1.3″ (35mm) x 1.7″ (45mm).
  • Mounting hole dimensions: 0.23″ (6mm) round. Wheel Dia.: 2″ (50mm). Wheel Width: 0.8″ (21mm).
  • Wheel Material: Rubber. Overall Height: 2.5″ (65mm). Color: Black
  • Ball bearings: plate ball bearings. Includes: 12 pack 2″ no brake caster

9 reviews for MegaDeal 12 Pack 2″ Swivel Caster Wheels

2.8 out of 5
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  1. Tony

    The swivel resistance is terrible. The wheel will not track in the direction you are pushing. I have to get on the floor and manual swivel the wheels in the direction I want the dolly to go, even though there is less then 10 lbs per wheel.
    The offset from center is not sufficient.

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  2. Jake

    I used these castors to make dollies for my heavier plants. They work really well for this application. They’re so easy to move out of the way when you want to clean around them.

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  3. KB

    Just an awful product. I mounted these on the bottom of storage racks that (even when loaded) are each well below the weight limits of these casters and they are very difficult to roll – lots of rolling resistance and way too much swivel resistance. When I move the racks, I’m afraid some casters will just crack off because they have so much swivel/spin resistance. I have the same size/style casters from Home Depot on one of the racks and it rolls/spins like a champ. The difference is apparently in the bearings. I regret not spending a little more at Home Depot or even Harbor Freight for better ones. I plan on replacing ALL these cheap pieces of ¢r@p with better ones from HD or HF – then relegating these to … I dunno … fire & scrap wood bins, I guess. SMH.

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  4. Katherine

    I purchased these casters to attach to the bottom of a wooden wine crate that I use for miscellaneous storage in my living room. At first, they worked great. They slid around my hardwood floors smoothly and quietly. I used 6 casters to support a total of 15-20 lbs, well within their advertised limit. Unfortunately, after just a few weeks, they started to fall apart. The wheels stopped turning and would get stuck; and I suspect the hard plastic may have scratched my hardwood floors. After 4 months, I ended up removing the casters and replacing them with a new set from a different company.

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  5. L.Mc

    This review is like so many others here. They wrok great and are a terrific value but stink to high heaven. I knew about the smell when I ordered them (reluctantly, because of the smell, but still, because I love wheels on things). With 8 of them and 2 mini-pallettes, I made a pair of moving dollies. They served admirably to move some carpet rolls (ha!) around, but I was a little desperate to get them out and away, because the stink was filling the living room (this after airing them on the porch for at least a week, maybe two). I just now went and sniffed the remaining 4 casters that I have in the garage. They still reek. It may be less eye-watering than it once was, but they are (unbagged) on a shelf in the (unheated) garage and not inside at room temperature. But get this: it’s been over 2 years! In due dilligence to the review process, I just went and sniffed the dollies now residing in the basement, currently supporting a furniture project (separate trip). They smell a bit up close, but are not gassing up the basement and I had kind of forgotten about the whole toxic tire fog issue. I don’t rule out that the smell gets worked out with more usage. For sure, I would buy these again unless I had to share intimate or room-termperature quarters with them. They seem like great casters (I have not put them through their paces or anything), but may be better workmates than roommates.

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  6. David Worsham

    These aren’t terrible, but they are not the easiest to roll. I built a cabinet for my daughter and a shop vac cart. Neither is easily maneuverable on hardwood or concrete.

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  7. LORI B.

    Had to keep them outside overnight and throw away the packaging! Not sure (but has to be?) if it the rubber wheels as it smells like a 1,000 cigarette butts sitting in water…. for a month! Today starting to soak them in both Dawn AND a smelly hand soap, and pray it makes them usable. Be careful!
    Will update IF worth the extra effort to have saved a few dollars. 🙁

    Update: Still can’t get the stench off of them. This is more work than the money saved. I hope the workers in wherever, have complained as it should be a hazardous order since its overwhelming!

    Update: Returned. Don’t waste your money and time! Even they emailed me a response, which states they were cheap rubber wheels and sent me a recommendations if what to purchase, which I didn’t take!

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  8. Jeff

    By no means should these be called “heavy duty.” At best, light duty. With 4 casters on a platform, anything more than 15 pounds per caster will make them very difficult to move or spin around to change direction. Once they are rolling in one direction, it’s fair, but still not easy to roll. And to change direction when moving, it is almost easier to rock the object on the casters side to side to take weight off one side after the other to allow them to rotate. The actual wheel diameter is 1-7/8″ (not quite 2″ if that matters). My batch did have the usual chinese factory rubber odor, but it wasn’t horrible or noticable when used outside (mine are). A good price for a very small caster if you need light-duty use, but for medium or heavy-duty, not a good choice.

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  9. Rachel Simmons

    I used these to attach to the bottom of two file cabinets I made that weigh about 40lb each, empty.

    Yes, like all the other reviews say, they smell. I ran them through the dishwasher on extra hot (didn’t use dry setting bc didn’t want it to melt the rubber), then left them on the porch for a day. Smell had majorly dissipated by then and not as strong. I only needed 8 of the 12, so I actually didn’t do the de-smelling-treatment on 4 of the wheels, and used them as a control to see if it made a difference. It did. Highly recommend running them through the dishwasher.

    Like other people have mentioned, once they are attached to the bottom of the furniture you can’t smell them at all. In fact, I had painted my cabinets a few days ago and what I smelled more when I brought them inside was the paint.

    I installed them using #10 screws from Lowes that were the correct depth for my project. if anything I should have gotten flatter-head screws and not gradual/domed ones so they could have sat more flush against the wheel bracket, but it was no problem.

    They wheeled from the porch to the house, no sweat. They wheel around in the office when I need them to. The reviews where people are complaining that they don’t roll well, I don’t know what purposes they’re using them for, but I personally am not trying to use my furniture to skateboard around the house. They roll across carpet when I need them to, and that’s all that matters.

    Five stars even though they smell because you just cannot beat this price.

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    MegaDeal 12 Pack 2″ Swivel Caster Wheels
    MegaDeal 12 Pack 2″ Swivel Caster Wheels


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