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DOZAWA Workbench Stepdown Caster, 600 Lbs Set

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  • Durable thick steel construction,heavy duty wheel casters with 600 LBS capacity
  • Stepdown casters design can elevate and move your workbench fast,easily
  • Swivel casters 360 degree pivoting action, can turn to any directions
  • Simple installation with full instructions
  • Perfect for at-home and automotive garages, professional workshops, and anywhere mobilized workstations required

8 reviews for DOZAWA Workbench Stepdown Caster, 600 Lbs Set

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  1. Fred Hargis

    I put this on my workbench, which I estimate weighs 400+#. They do lift it, and I can move it around although since the bench is top heavy it is something to do carefully. The casters themselves seem to be of good quality, better than most Asian imports. The frame/footpedal piece is also heavy enough. This sin’t so much a complaint as something to be aware of. The instructions indicate the plate is installed 1.4″ from the “button”, I suspect just a typo for “bottom”. I installed mine 1.5″ from the floor (just worked out that way) and found the lift height just fine for a smooth floor. More aggravating is the wrench they include to install the casters. To install, you should be able to hold the nut that’s on the caster stud, and tighten the top nut onto the lock washer. They give you one wrench to do this, 17MM on on end, and 14MM (the stud nut) on the other. That’s OK, I got out my 17mm socket and held the stud with the included wrench and tightened ‘er down. Then I discovered the wrench was to thick for the space and was jammed in place when you tighten the top nut. I loosened things back up, removed the wrench, and held the stud with a pair of arc joint pliers…gripping the shroud. So toss the included wrench and use your own tools to install the casters.

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  2. bartICT

    The instructions are wrong. Mount at 1 1/4″ from bottom of the leg and this will give the proper clearance to wheel up. Throw away the screws and buy some better ones. I use star heads and drill a pilot hole. The mounting holes are hard to get to with the wheel hardware. Other than that, seems to function ok. It’s cheap.

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  3. Ich GmbH

    The casters, themselves, are sturdy and well made. The mounting screws, however, are problematic. They are Phillips head screws, and are made of very soft metal. After the first couple times the screwdriver bit pops out of the screw, the screw head hollows out, precluding both continuing to drive the screw and backing out the screw.

    Save yourself some headaches and buy some quality stainless steel screws before starting your installation

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Instalation was easy, but no instructions on how to adjust tension (two of the wheels disengage on their own) and the screws are cheap – two of them broke on me as shown in the picture. Not expecting these to be very durable based on what I’ve seen so far.

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  5. H20man

    Pros: These casters are so well built and they work like a charm. Instillation was quick and easy with maneuvering made simple.
    Cons: These casters are super expensive, way more expensive than anything else out there. Had it not been for Covid-19, I personally would have not given them a second glance, overnight delivery and not leaving my house was a deciding factor.

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  6. David P.

    The screws that come with this are soft. Even with pre-drilled holes in hardwood bench legs, I ended up with two screws whose heads sheared off and two more whose heads stripped very quickly. You can watch the heads flex as they are tightened. Save yourself a small headache and start with better screws. That said, once installed, they work great and I’m very happy with them.

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  7. stafford

    I love these. I’ve bought 2 sets now and put them on tables in the garage. It sure is nice being able to move those heavy work tables around with such ease. I want to put wheels on everything now.

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  8. sid B.

    Set up was a give and take to find how to mount , ended up with a 2×3 horizontal places on stand and screwed to existing stand A FEW clearance dims. would have facilitated. the layout\setup design.

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    DOZAWA Workbench Stepdown Caster, 600 Lbs Set
    DOZAWA Workbench Stepdown Caster, 600 Lbs Set


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