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3 inch Heavy Duty Casters Load 1500lbs

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8 reviews for 3 inch Heavy Duty Casters Load 1500lbs

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  1. whippy

    Excellent quality built to last

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  2. Robert Z

    I like how easy they are to lock and smooth they are to move my Guitar amp which had no wheels. Wish it would have come with a set of screws to bolt the wheels in with, but it’s not like screws are very expensive, just know you won’t be able to install them right out of the box without going to the hardware store first. The holes are rather large too, so make sure you have washers or big screws or they will slip right through.

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  3. Annie

    Amazingly, I received four casters even though the box was not sealed or taped in any way. They arrived during the Christmas rush which makes it even more remarkable that the box didn’t come open. I often see complaints that casters don’t come with mounting hardware. These do but they are useless for attaching to thick wood so it makes no difference to me whether they come with hardware or not. They’re metric anyway and that’s a nuisance for most me even though I have plenty of metric tools. My fastener storage is mostly SAE/English so metric fasteners don’t go well with my storage system.

    I picked up an old kitchen island at a garage sale and put these casters on it for a workshop assembly table. I like that they lock and unlock more easily than some others I have but that may also be a problem. I was planing some maple lumber that was clamped to the table with a hand plane and had two of the four casters locked. I was taking a big cut (lots of pressure) and heard/felt both casters unlock. The table was rolling in the same direction as I was planing when they were locked so I’m sure that was a factor but in the future I’ll make sure the casters are perpendicular or opposite the direction of any strong force.

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  4. Gerry K

    Excellent double locking casters. Used them in my workshop to replace an older set of casters under my table saw. The wheels are heavy duty and lock much easier than my older set. Also used a second set to build a dolly under my Workmate, which has also turned out great. I would definitely get them again.

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  5. DWizard

    I had an old, heavy duty cabinet that I re-purposed for garage projects. It had casters that were heavy duty as well, but actually “they were to easy to move around”. It wouldn’t stay where I put it (especially with a “smooth/graded garage floor”. I got these locking casters with some hesitation because of my previous experience with locking casters. (They can be difficult to lock, and then REALLY difficult to unlock). THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH THESE. They work perfect. Lock SOLID, and unlock easily. They have a large “lock-paddle” which makes it just that much more convenient, even when I wear my sandals. They roll-quiet (it’s the softer urethane) so no loud wheel-noise like with hard-wheels) but hard enough to take the weight without crushing. Great product for the price. Highly recommend.

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  6. J. Correa

    I made a crafting cutting table out of 2 ikea shelves, 2 heavy solid doors cut down to size, and these casters. It is very heavy even without the fabric on it, but the casters make it easy to move around the room. They also do a great job at keeping it from moving even a little bit when they are locked – I normally only bother locking two and that is enough.

    When cutting fabric, I often lean against the table and am putting downward pressure on it when using my rotary cutter (which is how I do most of my cutting). The table stays in place and feels very secure. I also hammer on top of it sometimes – flattening seams or installing snaps etc – and again it handles it without a problem. And when I need to move the table, the casters swivel easily and move smoothly and don’t leave any marks on the floor.

    The included bolts are very short, so I did have to buy longer ones. The bolts included with the casters are M8-1.25 (metric 8mm) so that is what you’ll want to get in the length you need. I got 85mm MroMax brand bolts off Amazon for a lot cheaper than I could get locally. Since I stuck with M8 bolts I was able to use the nuts that came with the casters.

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  7. JD

    Bottom line: I definitely recommend these, and I’d buy them again.

    I’ve purchased these twice now. I really like them! They are very well made, with ball-bearing construction and heavy gauge steel frame and mounting plate. The wheels seem to be hard polyurethane, and do not feel cheap at all. The casters swivel easily, and handle weight very well. I have them on a 3ftx6ft work table with a marble top, 4×4 legs, a shelf full of tools and hard wood, a heavy cast iron lathe, and a 12in sliding miter saw. The casters don’t even break a sweat. The STILL swivel pretty easy under all that weight (~500lbs/~225Kg). The double locking feature works perfectly, and is firm enough that I can make roughing cuts on my wood lathe (tons of vibration). Buy em. You won’t regret it. Unless I just got lucky and struck gold. Twice. Months apart.

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  8. T. Stevenson

    Wow, these things are BUILT! Sturdy steel, ball bearings on wheels and on the spindle, tough and beefy poly wheels. One of the four had a distortion in the steel cup holding the ball bearings for the spindle, but shouldn’t affect operation. I’m sure Moogii would have replaced it, but not worth the trouble. I’m happy.
    I’m not stressing these anywhere near the 1000 pound rating, but I really wanted beefy and strong casters and you can’t beat the price.
    Note: Bolts and nuts with the casters are metric.
    Interesting – no indication of the country of manufacture. Wish it was USA.

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    3 inch Heavy Duty Casters Load 1500lbs
    3 inch Heavy Duty Casters Load 1500lbs


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